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WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging application that uses an internet connection to send and receive text, audio and video messages, share media and make free voice calls on smartphones. It can be easily installed and used on all kinds of smartphones and PC. It is available for most operating systems (OS) including iOS Apple for iPhone.

WhatsApp iPhone

Downloading WhatsApp for iPhone:

Just like with any application for iPhone and iPad, you can get WhatsApp Messenger directly from the iTunes App Store. Go to App Store, either from your iPhone or your computer and type “WhatsApp” in the search box, and then tap on the icon of WhatsApp Messenger for your iPhone to start downloading the application. Once it is complete, launch the app and follow the instructions to set up your account.

Installing WhatsApp Messenger:

After having the app downloaded to your iPhone, you will find its icon on the phone’s home screen; tap on it to launch the messenger. You will have to enter your country and phone number and wait for the app to verify it. The app will ask you to confirm your number, and then a verification code will be sent to your number via SMS or a phone call if you choose this option. Once you get the code, enter it and wait for WhatsApp to complete the installation process. In a moment, you will be asked to choose a photo and to enter your name for your profile. Remember that these details are what your friends on WhatsApp will see about you.

All the numbers using WhatsApp in your iPhone’s contact list will be automatically added to your WhatsApp favorite list – no need to do it manually. You can block any number in the favorite list at any time, which will prevent the number from being able to send you messages or see your “last seen” status. You can unblock anyone anytime you desire.

Using WhatsApp Messenger on Your iPhone:

There is a menu bar at the bottom of the main screen of WhatsApp messenger. The first icon on the left is a star – this is the Favorite list where you can find the names of people you can message on WhatsApp.

The next icon is a clock – this is the Recent Calls log.

The next icon is the Contact List, which is the same as the list saved on your iPhone.

The next icon is chat bubbles – this is the list of open Chats you have. You can archive, delete, mark as unread, mark as read, clear, mute or email any chat by swiping your finger to both sides and choosing the action from the menu.

The next icon is for Settings.

1- About: this contains information about the application.

2- Tell a friend: this lets you send invitations to use WhatsApp to your friends.

3- WhatsApp Web: this opens the QR code scanner needed to install WhatsApp on your PC.

4- Profile: here you can change your profile picture, your name and your status.

5- Account: here you can manage your privacy settings, change your phone number so that you don’t lose your chats, or delete your account.

6- Chats and calls: here you can change your chat wallpaper, media auto download settings, save incoming media, backup your chats and turn on a low data usage option for voice calls.

Chat: To share a conversation with multiple contacts you can create a group on WhatsApp. You can add up to 100 participants. To create a group, tap on the “New Group” icon to the right of the screen. To send a text to multiple contacts separately you can create a broadcast list.

 To start a new chat, go to the “Chat” page, tap on the “New Chat” icon on the upper right corner of  the screen. Choose the contact and start texting.

Aside from text messaging, you can share images, videos, contact details and location information with your friends.

Tap the blue circle with an arrow to the left from the typing box. A menu will appear with these options: “take photo or video” using your camera, “photo/video library”, “share location”, and “share contact”.

Tap the camera icon to take a photo or a video and insert it into WhatsApp directly.

To place a free WhatsApp call, all you need to do is tap on the phone icon in the upper right corner of the chat page.

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