Whatsapp for Sony

Sony is a very famous electronics company, but compared to other international mobile companies, it has a smaller part of the mobile market, while companies like Apple and Samsung have a larger share of this industry.

WhatsApp for Sony

These days, Sony mobile phones are working with Android as an operating system, so it is not difficult to download WhatsApp for a Sony mobile using the Google Play Store, which can be found in in every Sony smartphone that works on Android (if for some reason it didn’t, you might have to download the Play Store APK from the web, or you can skip that and just download the APK for WhatsApp). If you have an older model Sony phone that runs on Symbian, don’t worry; we’ll get to you shortly.

Install WhatsApp for Sony with Android OS

When you are going to download WhatsApp for your Sony phone, you must have at least Android version 2.1, and ensure that you have at least 30 MB of free space in order to install the app.

To download WhatsApp on your Android-powered Sony smartphone, find the Google Play Store and open the app, and then click on the search button and type “WhatsApp “. When you find it among the listed apps (it should be the first result), tap on it and then click on the “Install” button. You will be asked to give WhatsApp permission to access certain information on your phones on a popup screen; tap “Accept”, and wait for it to finish downloading.

Note that if you are not downloading WhatsApp through the Play Store and want to install the APK file directly from the internet, you have to give permission in your phone’s settings for “unknown sources” (found under the security section) to be able to install without any problems.

When the download is complete, open it and continue agreeing the terms. After that, it will ask you for your phone number; enter it the appropriate field and wait for a text message with a verification code (this should happen automatically). If this doesn’t work, ask for a phone call to give you the activation code. After you enter the code correctly, WhatsApp will confirm it and you will have your new WhatsApp account installed on your Sony phone. Now, just enter your name and an optional photo of yourself as your profile picture. The service will be free for a year, and after this year you will need to pay a very small subscription of $0.99 per year, $2.67 for 3 years, or $3.71 for 5 years (this is how WhatsApp is able to be an ad-free application). If WhatsApp was previously installed on your phone, you will be told that there is a Chat backup available; if you want to restore the old chats, select “Restore”. Now you should find the WhatsApp icon on your home screen – enjoy chatting!



Install WhatsApp for Sony with Symbian OS

If you are someone who has an older Sony mobile (and there are a considerable number of you) that is operated by Symbian operating system, like Sony Ericsson and Sony Vivaz, you will be happy to learn that WhatsApp is still supporting these devices (as a matter of fact, a beta version of a new update for Symbian devices was recently released). To download it, visit the webpage www.whatsapp.com/nokia/ and click on green “Download” button. When it finishes downloading, it will be a sis file; open the file and continue agreeing the terms to complete the installation process. After that, WhatsApp will ask you to enter your phone number for verification. You’ll have to wait for a text message (it shouldn’t take more than a minute or two as long as you are connected to Wi-Fi or your mobile network). If this doesn’t work, you can request a phone call to give the code instead. All that’s left is to enter your name choose a photo as your profile picture (optional). And that’s all there is to it! Now you can easily find the WhatsApp icon on your home screen! Just like on all operating systems, WhatsApp on Sony with Symbian OS will be free for a year, after which period you will pay a small subscription fee of $0.99 per year, $2.67 for 3 years, or $3.71 for 5 years (a small price to pay for an app with no annoying ads).

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