Whatsapp BlackBerry

The immensely popular instant messenger application known as WhatsApp is likely one of the most successful mobile apps ever created. Not many other applications can boast having nearly 1 billion active users, but WhatsApp can. WhatsApp is used to stay connected with your friends and loved ones anywhere in the world by sending messages, pictures, videos, audio messages and even making voice calls, and all without using up your expensive mobile data. With WhatsApp, you can send all the messages and make all the calls you want for free by using a Wi-Fi connection; if Wi-Fi isn’t available, WhatsApp can still work using your mobile data if you want it to. This was revolutionary when the application was released and part of the reason behind its great success; the other part can be attributed to WhatsApp’s support on a wide variety of mobile platforms, including BlackBerry.

If you don’t have WhatsApp installed on your BlackBerry device yet, what are you waiting for? As you will see, it’s a very fast and simple process to download WhatsApp to your BlackBerry phone and set up your account.

Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry

In order to download WhatsApp to your BlackBerry phone, you will need BlackBerry OS version 4.6 or higher and at least 15 MB of free storage space on the device.

The download procedure for WhatsApp is more or less the same for downloading any application on your BlackBerry. Start by going to your BlackBerry menu and find “App World”, which is the section of BlackBerry World where you can find mobile applications. Inside App World, go to the search box and type in “WhatsApp”, and then press “Search”. A list of search results should appear in order of relevance.

Double check that you are selecting the official WhatsApp application, because there are a lot of knock off apps with similar sounding names and similar looking icons. The icon for the official version of WhatsApp mobile is a lime green circle edged in white with a white phone icon in the middle.

Once you’ve selected WhatsApp from the list, you’ll be taken to the app’s detail screen where there will be a button to “Download” or “Install” the app. Click on that button and wait for the download to finish.

Setting up WhatsApp for BlackBerry

When the download is complete, open WhatsApp by clicking on its icon on your home screen or on the download notification. Before you can start using WhatsApp, you’ll have to provide some basic information to set up your account. Your WhatsApp account is linked to your mobile number, so you’ll have to enter it into the box when prompted; make sure you enter it correctly, because WhatsApp will verify the number by sending you a code in a text message or by voice call, if you request it that way. The code may verify itself automatically in the case of an SMS message, or you may need to enter it manually.

After verification is complete, you just need to type in your name so that your WhatsApp contacts know who you are. You can also upload a picture from your BlackBerry or the cloud to use as your WhatsApp profile picture.

You won’t have to go adding a thousand contacts manually when you first install WhatsApp because the application automatically scans through the contacts on your BlackBerry and will add those who are also using WhatsApp. How easy is that?

A word of caution: while WhatsApp provides continual support for the BlackBerry platform, sometimes certain versions of the app can be problematic and it might randomly delete all your messages. Try to back up your chats regularly, and if you have this problem you can fix it by turning your device off and taking out the battery, SIM card and micro SD card and wait at least 5 minutes before putting everything back and powering up again.

Your first year of service with WhatsApp is totally free with no limitations on your messages or calls. After the first year, there is a tiny subscription fee of just $0.99 per year; this allows WhatsApp to remain ad free, forever.

Congratulations! You’re ready to chat on WhatsApp, and you might even be the 1 billionth active user!

More info: https://whatsapdownload.net/whatsapp-blackberry/