How to use WhatsApp on your laptop or other devices.


WhatsApp Web can be enabled for users who are already using the latest version of the app on Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or BlackBerry 10. However, WhatsApp is still working to provide support for iOS.
To activate the service, we must first update to the latest version app. In order to do that, we go to Settings and then to Web WhatsApp section. We will be asked to scan the QR code that will show website, using the camera Mobile, and we will be able automatically to continue our chats from a computer, notebook or tablet. You must have a good camera and good lighting to capture the code correctly. After matching the web with your phone, you should leave open the WhatsApp app on the device if we want to use the web service for several hours.

With this move, they can now compete against Telegram, who came up offering this functionality almost since its inception.
They should take into account the need to keep the phone on all the time while using the Web service because the Web session is deleted if the phone is turned off or loses its connection to the Internet.

WhatsApp is the largest messaging platform, with its 1000 million active users monthly, and it will remain so even longer with this new functionality.

Not available for iPhones or out of Google Chrome

IOS users will not enjoy this new feature yet, because the security of Apple’s mobile operating system prevents background applications from connecting to a server and accepting incoming connections from the browser.
So, unless Apple decides to change its policy on how to handle background applications, there will be no WhatsApp’s web for iPhone users.
This feature will be improved in the coming months, as the normal evolution of each browser’s technology.

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