How to unable WhatsApp from saving files.


This is one of the most request features by the public and one of the causes we run out of free space on our phones. WhatsApp automatically saves all the photos we received in all conversations. But it can be disabled, luckly for us.


To disable the autosaving feature of WhatsApp, we must go to the Settings screen, enter to Chat Settings, where the media of our conversations is managed. There we will present an option to enable or disable auto-saving of received files:

Whatsapp Chat Settings

WARNING # 1: to disable this feature, you no longer will need to review the photo list to remove those who do not want to be seen.

So it depends on how much valuable or trashy media you receive. If most of the contents are not worth saving you should unable this function.

But before… you better enable WhatsApp’s backup.

WARNING # 2: When the auto-saving of images feature is disabled, photos of existing conversations will be deleted. To avoid losing important material, leave it activated before you do it with the backup functionality. This is also found on the Chats Settings screen.

On iPhone, after making the copy, it is enough to reinstall WhatsApp keeping active our iCloud account. Thus, the application will detect it and automatically restore all chats with the first use assistant.
The backup file is saved as a file over to the internal memory of the device, both on Android and Windows Phone. So do not forget to move the file if you change phone and want to migrate all conversations. Or even delete it if you sell or give away the device.

In iOS, however, as long as we use the same iCloud account, it is possible to download a copy on any device of the Apple brand.