WhatsApp gets a billion users and it starts to giving information to Facebook.


We already knew that WhatsApp is one of the most used applications in the word as we also know that their numbers are scandalous. Now, WhatsApp has reached a new milestone reaching 1,000 million monthly active users.

In its earnings, Facebook unveiled a net profit of 1,562 million, virtually one euro per user, and that was just days ago from announcing that they were abandoning the euro charge per year frm WhatsApp.

You may have applications that offer more features or better services, such as Telegram, however Whatsapp has what you need to succeed at instant messaging: your contacts.

Who strikes first strikes twice

A billion of WhatsApp users are a sign that who strikes it strikes twice. Whatsapp has reached when the market was virgin and all the competition they had were the already almost dilapidated SMS. Its arrival changed the way we understood the communication through the mobile, and at a stroke swept the map not only of phone messages but also of services such as MSN Messenger.

Its huge user base made it the loved one of mobile applications, and although Google was behind its purchase, it was Facebook who took its property for 19,000 million dollars.

Since its appearance, it has not been few who have tried to battle through instant messaging: Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, Line… Most of these applications offer more features and services than Whatsapp, however at the moment none of them appear in the WhatsApp’s rearview.

And it is that while other applications may be prettier, may have a real desktop version or they may let you send gifs, the difference of the contact section against Whatsapp is abysmal. Virtually everyone who has a smartphone has Whatsapp.

WhatsApp has begun to give our data to Facebook. It has been found a disturbing message in the WhatsApp code: WhatsApp share our data to enhance our experience of Facebook.

Changing the business model


The news of the billions of users WhatsApp comes just days after the platform announced that it eliminates its annual dollar that they have been charging charged to all users who had not paid to download the application in its early days in the AppStore for IOS. That implies a change of their business model.

Facebook has never believed too much in this business model, which limited revenue to just under one euro for user- and  they want to strengthen the platform as a communication channel between customers and businesses.restaurant or a query to a cinema.

Why Facebook does not want to charge an euro forWhatsApp? The company has announced that the app will be free.
In addition, WhatsApp is testing new features such as video calling, which we have seen in Facebook Messenger– or sending documents beyond photos and videos, making possible in the future establishing a direct competition with Skype.

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