How to change my WhatsApp number.


Generally, our WhatsApp account is linked to a telephone number and a protocol that does not use “user + password” such as other clients like Line or Viber. Being linked to a telephone number has its advantages as an additional safeguard to prevent using a brute force get to steal our credentials and supplant our identity, but also has drawbacks as we are forced to always use the same mobile number and, if we change, we would lose all data associated with our own.

To prevent this from happening, WhatsApp  allows us to migrate our account from a phone number to another ome easily so that if we change our usual number for any reason we are able to continue to use our own freely.

With the change the following sections will be associated with the new number:

  • Account information (photo, status, payment information, etc.).
  • WhatsApp settings
  • Groups in which we participate

The chat logs and other information will be removed from the account of WhatsApp and terms of use shall be such as a new user.

  • To access to the wizard Change Number you must open the WhatsApp menu and select the “Settings” option.
  • Once there select “Account Info”.
  • In the new window select “Change number”.
  • The first thing we will see is a window in which we summarized the process of changing our account number for WhatsApp.
  • We click on the “Next” button at the top right of the screen to continue with the wizard part. In the next step we will be asked to enter both the old phone number of our WhatsApp account as the new one.
  • After entering both ones, continue with the wizard by clicking on the “done” button and it automatically begin to migrate your account. The process may take some time depending on the server load. Once the process is complete we will have our WhatsApp account associated with our new number.