How to block to someone in WhatsApp


By default, WhatsApp allows anyone with our numbers on their agenandas to communicate with us. We can choose whether we want to talk to the other person without adding to them to the agenda or we can add them to identify them and keep talking with them or block them. However, we may have already saved a while ago a phone number and now we want to block all activity in a way that makes totally impossible to contact us, check our photos, states…

Blocking a contact on WhatsApp is simple. All we do is open a new conversation with the person and then open the options menu.

Here, select the “more” to see the hidden options and see an option named “block”.

We click on it and it will show an option to confirm the blockade.

We accept that option and the user will be blocked automatically. He or she can no longer communicate with us and likewise we can not communicate with him or her.

To unlock the contact we can look back on our list of contacts (to start a conversation with him) and when we see it we can see how it shows us a message that says that if we just unlock it must hold on the botton that will appear.

Hold down on its entry few seconds.

Click on it and the contact can be unlocked automatacally and you’ll be able to resume the conversation.