How to Install WhatsApp


WhatsApp is an incredibly popular and successful application used for instant messaging. WhatsApp lets you send and receive text messages, share your location, pictures and video files, and more with your friends anywhere in the world for free. This application can use data from your network operator or Wi-Fi, in which case you won’t have to worry about using up your data plan.

Learn how to install WhatsApp on your mobile phone

Installing WhatsApp is slightly different for different devices and operating systems, but in general you will go to your usual application store and download this app just like any other.

Install WhatsApp for Android

For Android smartphones (unfortunately you can’t install WhatsApp mobile on Android tablets), go to the Google Play Store, click on the search button and enter “WhatsApp”. Find the correct app among the results list (it will most likely be the first option), tap on it to do to the app’s page, where you can get more information about the app and read user reviews. Click on the “Install” button and then click “accept” when it asks for your permission.

If for some reason your Android doesn’t have Play Store, you can still install WhatsApp by going online from your phone and looking for the WhatsApp APK file. You will have to allow your device to download from “Unknown Sources” in order to install the file directly without any problems. You can do this in your phone’s security settings.

Install WhatsApp for BlackBerry

For BlackBerry phones, go to “AppWorld” (the app section of BlackBerry World), which can be found in your BlackBerry menu. When AppWorld is open, you’ll see a search box; type in “WhatsApp” and then click the “Search” button; be careful, because there are some applications with similar names, but you can recognize it from the official logo (a bright green circle with a white phone icon inside).

Install WhatsApp on iPhone

To download WhatsApp on your iPhone, open the iTunes App Store and sign in (if prompted) by entering your Apple ID and password. Press on the search icon, and in the search box type “WhatsApp”. When you find it in the list of apps, select it to go to the WhatsApp details screen and press on the blue button in the corner to download the application.

Alternatively, you can download WhatsApp in the iTunes App Store on your laptop and then send it to your iPhone via sync or USB connection.



Install WhatsApp on Windows Phone

On your Windows Phone, open the Marketplace application that should have come with your Windows Phone. You may be able to find it on your home screen or in your list of installed applications. In Marketplace, select “Apps” and you will see a search box. Type “WhatsApp” into the search box and find the official WhatsApp app in the list of results. Press on it to get the app detail screen and choose “Install” to start downloading, and wait for the application to finish downloading.

Set up WhatsApp on all devices

When your device has finished downloading WhatsApp, open it and agree to the terms (if prompted). After that, WhatsApp will ask for your phone number, which is linked to your account instead of a username. Enter your number carefully because WhatsApp will send an SMS message for verification. Verification may occur automatically or you may have to wait for the text message and enter the verification code; if this doesn’t work, ask to receive a phone call with the code. After the code is confirmed, your account is ready to go! All you need to do now is enter your name so that your friends can find you, and after that you have the option to choose a profile picture. WhatsApp will scan your phone’s contacts and see if any of them are also using WhatsApp; if they are, they’ll be automatically added to your WhatsApp contacts too. Now you’re all set up and can start chatting! WhatsApp is free to install and the first year of service is free; after that, it’s less than a dollar a year (just make sure to stay connected to Wi-Fi to avoid any data charges from your cell provider). And remember, WhatsApp service is completely unlimited and you’ll never see any annoying advertisements.


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