The best complementary apps for WhatsApp


WhatsApp has become a must-have for mobile phones and this is undeniable. N

Here we will focus on trying to improve a bit this application; rather than domestic or security level extras, we will focuse on make them more dynamic and we offer some options that we find more or less interesting, but it’s always good to have them on mind.


Well, the first in the list, and in this case, it should be there, is the “parent” application on which the other will be coupled. I stress this because if anyone surfing Google Play is easy to see comments like “it does not open, it sucks. Uninstalled and 0 stars “in” applications “as themes for launchers, for example, where it is more than likely that the above does not have even the launcher necessary for that purpose.

Well, apart from this subsection, for that, we need the Whatsapp application.

Whatsapp Wallpaper

This addon is the company behind the own Whatsapp, and we added a few funds that are not available in the original.

Z-WhatsArt for WhatsApp

This addition allows us to send picture messages to a list that has been preset or, alternatively, we can paint what we want. We can spend hours drawing, and we can even take a picture of our gallery and paint over it or add puppets, for example. Interesting.

Paint for Whatsapp

Similar to the above but with a much simpler implementation. Make a couple of doodles and send it to our contact or group.

Z-WhatsSound for WhatsApp

From the makers of Z-WhatsArt for WhatsApp, we have this addon, if you look at its name, is almost the same but varies as far as functionality is concerned. This time we can send preset sounds or record one by adding certain effects like robot voice, aco, etc. Also very interesting as the drawing.

SmileDraw for Whatsapp

This gives us the option to draw those funny Smiles (fronted with different expressions) to our imagination. It also comes with a few predefined if in a conversation memes can get some and stay with the guys.

BoxFun and WhatsFun

Similar to previous applications, allowing us to add emoticons, memes, style text “WordArt”, postcards, etc. It seems unbelievable what they have come to achieve concrete forms and scribbles expressions from our daily lives. What would we do now without memes?

Kisses for Whatsapp

I find this a little jam, really. We take a picture and fill it with kisses, so that they see how much we link … Well, may serve to make a joke, or … well … something … nose. Nothing, used to paste in photos kisses.

Whatsapp Statistics

And finally, one of those who fan of statistic, graphs, etc will love. With this application we can know how many messages we have sent or received, with whom we chat over, the hours we are more engaged, etc. Interestingly enough, really.


Now you have a bunch of extras to add to your Whatsapp. Of course, if you are asked from where did you got them, do not forget to say that you have seen them here, on WhatsApp Download Free.


How to change my WhatsApp number.


Generally, our WhatsApp account is linked to a telephone number and a protocol that does not use “user + password” such as other clients like Line or Viber. Being linked to a telephone number has its advantages as an additional safeguard to prevent using a brute force get to steal our credentials and supplant our identity, but also has drawbacks as we are forced to always use the same mobile number and, if we change, we would lose all data associated with our own.

To prevent this from happening, WhatsApp  allows us to migrate our account from a phone number to another ome easily so that if we change our usual number for any reason we are able to continue to use our own freely.

With the change the following sections will be associated with the new number:

  • Account information (photo, status, payment information, etc.).
  • WhatsApp settings
  • Groups in which we participate

The chat logs and other information will be removed from the account of WhatsApp and terms of use shall be such as a new user.

  • To access to the wizard Change Number you must open the WhatsApp menu and select the “Settings” option.
  • Once there select “Account Info”.
  • In the new window select “Change number”.
  • The first thing we will see is a window in which we summarized the process of changing our account number for WhatsApp.
  • We click on the “Next” button at the top right of the screen to continue with the wizard part. In the next step we will be asked to enter both the old phone number of our WhatsApp account as the new one.
  • After entering both ones, continue with the wizard by clicking on the “done” button and it automatically begin to migrate your account. The process may take some time depending on the server load. Once the process is complete we will have our WhatsApp account associated with our new number.


How to delete the DATA from WhatsApp.


The more we use WhatsApp further data is being stored on our device: pictures, chat logs, chats, etc. Over time, it is very likely that our WhatsApp begins to run slow due to the amount of data that is loaded and because of our inner client having too much to run with.

In this tutorial we are going to teach you how to delete the other data related to WhatsApp. This make the app to work as it was newly installed in our device.

Depending on the version of our Android operating system, the exact route of our list of applications may vary but generally is in the path Settings> Applications. Once you get there, look for the corresponding WhatsApp input.

We click on it and it will open a summary window with all the information on the application.

To remove all additional data from WhatsApp you must click on the button called “Delete Data” and then confirm. Within seconds the input “Data” will change to have a value of 0 bits and everything about WhatsApp will have been removed from our smartphone.

The media must not be erased in this process: only internal application data such as session data, records, settings…

With this, all data will be erased and we will have to log on to the service with our phone number and configure all aspects that previously we had (funds, notices, etc). Service subscription and groups will not be eliminated with this process and that information is stored on remote servers of WhatsApp and not on our device.

Once we complete the logon again we see how our WhatsApp works much faster and the device is less saturated.


How to block to someone in WhatsApp


By default, WhatsApp allows anyone with our numbers on their agenandas to communicate with us. We can choose whether we want to talk to the other person without adding to them to the agenda or we can add them to identify them and keep talking with them or block them. However, we may have already saved a while ago a phone number and now we want to block all activity in a way that makes totally impossible to contact us, check our photos, states…

Blocking a contact on WhatsApp is simple. All we do is open a new conversation with the person and then open the options menu.

Here, select the “more” to see the hidden options and see an option named “block”.

We click on it and it will show an option to confirm the blockade.

We accept that option and the user will be blocked automatically. He or she can no longer communicate with us and likewise we can not communicate with him or her.

To unlock the contact we can look back on our list of contacts (to start a conversation with him) and when we see it we can see how it shows us a message that says that if we just unlock it must hold on the botton that will appear.

Hold down on its entry few seconds.

Click on it and the contact can be unlocked automatacally and you’ll be able to resume the conversation.