How to avoid be spyed on WhatsApp.


Privacy is always a must on our agendas, and there is always a question related to one of the messaging applications of the moment: Can you really spy on WhatsApp, or are these ads scams?

At this point it seems a recurring theme, but the privacy of users remains as an important issue. It is very serious to find that an application lets air our personal data, and developers must work hard to get us a corner of privacy on the Internet.
WhatsApp, being one of the most used messaging applications by users, is what we find more critical to keep our data safe. And when there are hundreds of services that promise to break the privacy of WhatsApp, it is normal that users get worriedabout. We want to put some light on the matter and tell what is truth about spying WhatsApp, and what is just bad promo.


Surely you will remember the analysis we did to fund that service which was able to record our last time of connection, although we had hidden it in the privacy options.

Spys controlling our last connection.

As we will describe in great detail, hiding our connection time is not much, and this is one of the sections that you can easily spy. Applications that handle this for us have been released on Google Store.

As for solutions, we can not do much about it, but we can hide both states and photographs so that nobody sees them, or only our contacts.

Conversations and sent files.

We have explained how some of the data that we have free to the public can be spyed, but now comes the part where we are going to begin denying: there is no magic access to our conversations or our sent and recieved. That’s something that stays between your contacts and your phone, thanks to WhatsApp’s encryption and other improvements.

Of course, the temptation to know the messages from someone’s chats are common, and there are many scams that attempt to exploit this evil curiosity.

You can spy on an Android phone, but it is dangerous and crime

Indeed, the greatest danger of using these services is for your portfolio: they will take as much money as possible until we realize and then stop them. In other words, avoid these services, because they are illegal and because of the health of your portfolio.

After talking about the real and unreal spy possibilities of WhatsApp on Android, we’re going to fantasize a little.

First possible case: using malicious WhatsApp’s web
As many of you know already, WhatsApp’s web is already available and we need our phone to make it work, because it acts as a bridge between the browser and the WhatsApp’s servers. Someone with malicious intent could, at one time, log on our WhatsApp’s web on your phone while we are not paying attention, so be aware of your conversations.

Second possible case: spying notifications
The applications do not have to access the messages within the application, but it does not matter if they get access to notifications. As you know, in notification’s preview the message is displayed, to see data as the sender and the message itself before entering the application, and a malicious application could use these special permissions to create their own spying method.

Third possible case: A modified APK WhatsApp
A developer could take malicious WhatsApp’s APK, modify it at their convenience to intercept messages, and strain as if the application was unchanged. This has already been done with payment applications uploaded to illegal repositories of applications,.

We could become paranoid, but then we would have to throw our smartphones through out of the window and return to smoke signals. The important thing is that these security flaws get fixed as soon as possible. All we can do isrely on the experts  of the applications and check if our code is free.

What I can do to be safe?

Just to be safe, being aware of these threats and future threats that may arise, we recommend taking the following steps:

Keep updated version of WhatsApp from our smartphone to avoid old mistakes, while maintaining our Android updated as far as possible.
Spend a minute on privacy options, and specify who we want to see data as the last connection time and profile’s image.
Keep your Android device with a screen lock to prevent unauthorized persons malicious applications.
Avoid downloading WhatsApp from unknown sources or sites with a bad reputation: always go to the official sites as Google Play or WhatsApp website.