How to configurate your privacy on WhatsApp


It is very important to keep all our social networks proper configuration of the different privacy options. We must choose what we want to people to see of our states, our pictures and our connections. WhatsApp is a program used by a great number of people, which means that an incorrect setting may allow third parties to spy on us without us knowing.

In the latest versions of WhatsApp they have been added 3 privacy options in great demand by users. The first one to hide our last connection (possible appearance until now only third-party applications), the second allows us to hide our image from state to unwanted people and the third one allows us to hide our state sentence.

To access these privacy options we must follow these steps:

Once in WhatsApp select the option “Settings” to enter the program settings.

Once the configuration will press on “Account Info”.

And there select the option “Privacy”. Then we will see a window similar to the following.

Here are the different privacy options to choose and configure according to our needs. As we can see, we have three different sections:

  • Last time (last connection)
  • Profile picture
  • State

Each of these options can configure them individually according to 3 factors:

  • All (allows everyone to see)
  • My Contacts (Allows only numbers that are stored in the phonebook can see them)
  • Nobody (Nobody can see it, not outsiders or contacts)

We set this function according to our needs. A good configuration will block the view of our photograph to everybody but your contacts, let everyone see our state and the view of last connection depending on whether we want to let others know when we connect or not. We should note that, for example, if we block our last connection we can not see the latest connections others.

With this we can already have our a little more privacy on our WhatsApp.

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