How to see my WhatsApp statistics.


WhatsApp has definitely been the application that has killed the business of SMS for operators, a business  that despite charging 15 cents per message did not cost a penny to the operators and that.

To calculate the expense that we have saved in messages, WhatsApp has a counter of sent and received messages and the number of bytes of traffic generated by messages with multimedia content that we have sent and received.

To view the statistics you need first of all to open the settings menu of our WhatsApp client and there select “Account Info”.

Once in the Settings windows, select the option “Use Network”.

And here we summarize all our activity WhatsApp appears.

As we can see, the different categories that are available are:

  • Sent messages.
  • Received messages
  • Media Bytes Sent
  • Media Bytes Received
  • Message Bytes Sent
  • Bytes received message
  • Total sent bytes.
  • Total received bytes.

At the end of the list we see an additional option called “Reset Statistics”. This option will allow us to reset all statistics to zero and repost from the beginning all the use we make of WhatsApp, useful, for example, to keep track of our instant messaging client.

This function does not have much practical use, but it is quite curious and lets us know how we use WhatsApp and how “hooked” we are in this instant messaging client for smartphones that has managed to replace the habitual use of SMS and allowing a much cheaper and faster communication merely by creating an internet via.