How to send multimedia content in WhatsApp.


WhatsApp is a instant messaging client very useful to communicate with our contacts easily and free of charge (except subscription service which is approximately one euro per year). Although its primary function is to communicate through texting, WhatsApp also send other types of media as could be photographs, videos and audio, among others.

Sending this multimedia content is free and it comes within the subscription service. To send content must open a chat conversation, whether a private chat as a group, and click on the paper clip icon that appears at the top of the window.

You can send multimedia the following content.

  • Gallery: We select an image stored on your device.
  • Photo: It allows us to open the camera and take a picture to send it automatically.
  • Video: It allows us to send a pre-recorded and stored video via WhatsApp.
  • Audio: It allows us to send music through the messaging client.

We can also send other useful content on many occasions as:

Location: Send the coordinates of our exact location to share with our contact.
Contact: You can send a person the tab of a contact on our agenda to avoid having to copy and paste this number.

Clicking on the option we want the content in question is automatically sent to the recipient, who will receive it as soon as it is connected. If we turned off the option of receiving multimedia content on our device automatically we will see an icon with a download button.  If you click on it and the image, video or audio in question will be downloaded to your device for viewing.

We must be careful not to abuse the sending multimedia content and there may be people who do not want to receive it on their devices and can not feel it right.

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