How to delete the DATA from WhatsApp.


The more we use WhatsApp further data is being stored on our device: pictures, chat logs, chats, etc. Over time, it is very likely that our WhatsApp begins to run slow due to the amount of data that is loaded and because of our inner client having too much to run with.

In this tutorial we are going to teach you how to delete the other data related to WhatsApp. This make the app to work as it was newly installed in our device.

Depending on the version of our Android operating system, the exact route of our list of applications may vary but generally is in the path Settings> Applications. Once you get there, look for the corresponding WhatsApp input.

We click on it and it will open a summary window with all the information on the application.

To remove all additional data from WhatsApp you must click on the button called “Delete Data” and then confirm. Within seconds the input “Data” will change to have a value of 0 bits and everything about WhatsApp will have been removed from our smartphone.

The media must not be erased in this process: only internal application data such as session data, records, settings…

With this, all data will be erased and we will have to log on to the service with our phone number and configure all aspects that previously we had (funds, notices, etc). Service subscription and groups will not be eliminated with this process and that information is stored on remote servers of WhatsApp and not on our device.

Once we complete the logon again we see how our WhatsApp works much faster and the device is less saturated.