Instagram VS WhatsApp


The battle in order to be the best messaging client is more hectic than ever because applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram are struggling to be the favorite choice by the users.

While Telegram is Pavel Durov’s owner, WhatsApp belongs to Facebook since they bought the company, whom also have their own messaging application. On the other hand, WhatsApp was the first to arrive, something that has given them a huge advantage over their competition.


Today we will talk about it the 7 tricks competition, WhatsApp lost miserably in the face of competition, and the trick that makes them winners today.

1. File Transfer

While WhatsApp allows us to transfer four files, Telegram and Facebook allows us to transfer all types of files. While perhaps WhatsApp will let us send documents in the future, Telegram has already offer the feature of sending more than 1GB per file of any type, and Facebook Messenger has no problems for us to transfer files to your contacts.

WhatsApp is testing the function of sending documents! A bit late, anyway. Facebook’s app has finally started offering a improved way to file transfering: WhatsApp allows us send documents through Google Drive.
2. Share stickers or GIFs

The emojis arrived a short time ago, they are no longer the only option we have to go beyond words as to express ourselves. Messenger allow us to share packs of stickers and GIFs, while Telegram even let us create our own packs of stickers, which has become a revolution.
3. Security and privacy of our conversations

Telegram is a perfect example of how to do things to get as most security as possible: in addition to ensuring our usual conversations, we can use extra layers of security to handle the most important conversations. Point to point encryption, deleting messages without letting a trace. We are even noticed when somebody screenshots us. We’d love to let us WhatsApp know it.
4. Customization and freedom of choice

Do you remember the argument that started when WhatsApp began to block the use of third-party clients? Facebook wants only use their messaging clients, while Telegram gives us complete freedom to use the program or application that we want. Messenger Plus, for example, is a great example of how to improve the provisions.

Any developer can create its own Telegram client thanks to its API, and Messenger Plus is a good example of how to overcome the official client.
5. Multiplatform 

With Telegram and Facebook, we can hold chats on several devices at once. If you start a conversation on a mobile tablet, you are able to continue it in your browser on a computer, and finish it in a tablet with iOS. WhatsApp, however, only let us use the service on only one phone at a time, and in order to send messages from WhatsApp’s website you always must go through your smartphone.

Whatsapp Web adds new features, but it is still far from its rivals. Half a year after its launch WhatsApp Web added new features, but it sucks that it stills depends on our smartphones to use.
6. Channels and groups for real, not reduced

Do you want to create a supergroup with 1,000 people because of a crazy reason? Telegram let us do it while WhatsApp has a limit of 100 users. In addition, we can also create channels for disseminating content.

7. Bots and services for everyone

Speaking about Telegram and its possibilities: bots, automated services that look for content for us are very popular nowadays. GIFs search bots to translate text to a group surveys … and Facebook will take it further with Facebook M, an artificial intelligence that will meet our needs through a chat window.

People, user, all your contacts, everyone (or almost all)

Yes, you are right, “Telegram already had that new WhatsApp’s feature, Telegram is better.” But something that nor Telegram either Facebook Messenger have is the huge user base that enjoys WhatsApp. The difference is 900 million users from 100 by Telegram. Depiste the fact that 100 million is a huge number, it doesn’t have the ability to pick up all kinds of public.

This user base is there for two reasons: it was the first to reach the mobile users, and it is so simple that anyone can use it. For many, WhatsApp is the only instant messaging option.

Even in many models of Samsung and other brands, Whatsapp comes preinstalled as the new SMS.