How to pay for WhatsApp step by step.


WhatsApp has become for many the instant messaging application by excellence and even when we started using it a few years ago it was free, now if you want to continue having it installed you must pay an annual fee collection.

Few people who use Whatsapp are unaware that it is a paid service, maybe they do not know how they are actually paying it or because they have paid so little they don’t even notice that they have paid for it. Next we want to resolve all your doubts and explain you how to pay for WhatsApp.
If you are someone who began using WhatsApp years ago perhaps you haven’t received any notice through your phone company or within the application in which you are asked to pay their subscription, but if you had to update the service in the last two years, you probably did get a warning about you having to pay. Anyway WhatsApp is not a very expensive service and in fact this is what you pay depending on the time for which you want to purchase the app:

  • 1 Year of € 0.89
  • 3 years for €2.40
  • 5 years € 3.34


And how to pay WhatsApp ? Well the first thing you should know is that the service only has an annual fee and you have several options: Paying WhatsApp with Google Wallet.

The first option is to pay with Google Wallet and although it sounds a bit complicated do not worry because it is as simple as paying through direct billing with your carrier. That is charging WhatsApp will be reflected in the bill for your smartphone as often happens with other applications that are downloaded and we have to pay for. For the moment, we know it can only be charged for Movistar customers  so another option is to pay with Google Wallet but using our credit card or debit card or if you prefer, your Paypal account.

Paying WhatsApp wwith Google Wallet and Card
If you want to pay with a credit or debit card it is as simple as write it down in your registration fee at the time the alert you that you must pay for the service.

If you want to pay with Paypal you must select WhatsApp – Google Wallet on the payment information screen.Then, select continue and then you can choose the “Paypal” option from the drop-down menu that appears.

With this option you can pay it for yourself or a friend you want to pay the service for. This system can be paid from the computer or do it for a friend without having access to their “smartphone” (or the case of a parent who paid his son’s WhatsApp).

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