Is WhatsApp free for a lifetime?


Said and done.

his Monday WhatsApp announced that they have changed their way of trying to capitalize on the application, from charging a dollar a year for the service to the users to seek income in different companies, which will provide contact with its customers, without giving more details of whether there will be new tools for them.
And they have not spent two days and WhatsApp has already started working. Yesterday the implementation began, extending the license of every user for life. Now, more than one had received a shock, since the application warned them that they had the lifetime extension and a few hours later the expiration date came back… but everything was just a scare.
WhatsApp has already started working. Since yesterday the application was starting to extend the license, which would have a defined date (except for those who paid for the application on an iPhone that already have a lifetime license) to be completely undefined. To verify that this improvement is already applied, just go to the settings of the application, account section, in which section Payment information is available on the license.

And what happens with those who paid for several years?

On Monday we talked about WhatsApp announcing that although now it happens that WhatsApp is free to all users, few have actually paid when the license was close to expiring.
However, some users paid not just for one year, but three or five years. We speak of a maximum of 3.34 euros, a very small figure. Currently WhatsApp has not responded to those users who are asking if they are going to get back their money.


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