How using WhatsApp can makes you anxious.


One of the most important needs for humans is to interact. We like to know the latest news about what is happening around us and staying in touch with people  we find interesting. To do this we read newspapers, use social networks and, among other apps, we use WhatsApp to chat throughout the day. This tool for mobile phones facilitates our communication, but like any other type of relationship can also enhance some features that can be harmful. When we want to warn that we will be late to an appointment, we need a list of things to buy, we have passed a test and want to make it know to our relatives … messages become very useful and fulfill its mission to keep in touch and to involve others in our daily experiences . However, Whatsapp can have its “dark side”. Sometimes it can make us assume that the other will respond immediately to what we have said or asked. If the need or desire to receive an answer or a comment is very large, Whatsapp suddenly becomes a source of concern and burden.

The immediacy powers some anxiety problems.

The program, among its functions lets us know if you have received the message and the last time in which the recipient has used the app, every user can also change its profile status or profile’s pic so that its contacts can read his or her thoughts. It is a very interactive and useful information, but it can also enhance the wishes of some people and make them overflowing.

Some examples: After breaking up with a couple, or in the process of starting a relationship, we often want to know about other. The WhatsApp lets see what he does, if he or she is connected, when he or she sent the last message… The application provides information on live and we can satisfy our curiosity, but can also exacerbate our desire to know untill make it obsessive. Among friends grpups there often discussions when someone is not included into a message group or he or she has not answered one of the questions in the time that was needed. Brides and grooms often fight because of seing about a goodnight message was two hours before the other one went to bed (or connected on for the last time).

Beware the need for control.

But anyway, you need to control yourself and not break some bounderies, even with your friends. Put yourself some limits to make you able to enjoy a great app!