How to install WhatsApp quickly, easily and free


We teach you how to install on your Android or iOS terminal the latest version of the popular WhatsApp, the app’s number one on instant messaging.
How to install WhatsApp quickly, easily and free

WhatsApp has become a benchmark of instant messaging in a short time, so that has made us forget some others that once were just as popular as MSN Messenger. Many have tried to steal a piece of the cake from the King of mobile chats, but none has been able to take the crown. Of course, behind WhatsApp there are plenty of users and third parties who try to take advantage of the fame of this app to impersonate it, with the consequences this may have. Therefore, from WhatsAppDownloadFree we are going to teach install WhatsApp on your mobile of official and reliable sources, in addition to always having the latest version of the app.
Install WhatsApp for IOS (iPhone, Apple)

Install iOS WhatsApp

For iOS there is no choice but to manage the installation through iTunes. To install WhatsApp on a terminal of Apple, we must go to the Apple Store / iTunes and download it to your mobile phone.

After you have downloaded it in your terminal, when you open the app for the first time you will be asked to enter your telephone number (which will be linked WhatsApp service). When ye have already entered, you will get a SMS with a verification code which should put to activate the service. Generally, WhatsApp usually automatically activates at the time of you recieve such SMS, but if it wasn’t the case just enter the code attached in the message. Let the app to process information and you’ll have access to the most famous app in the world.

On the other hand, once you have WhatsApp running on your iPhone, you can also use PC. To do this, here you have a tutorial practical: Using Web WhatsApp for iPhone.
Install WhatsApp for Android

If your operating system is Android, we have several doors to install WhatsApp officially. We will be divided into the “Automatic” and “Manual” ways, in addition to count the pros and cons of each route.

WhatsApp installed automatically (Android)

To download WhatsApp in our Android smartphone, we go to Google Play and search “WhatsApp Messenger. Beware of ‘imitation’, which are numerous.

When you already have WhatsApp installed on your smartphone, proceed to open the app and follow the same procedure as explained above about iOS: Enter your mobile number so that it is linked to your WhatsApp; then you will receive an SMS with a code that you must enter in the app (if it does not it automatically detects when you receive it) and let it for a while, the app load information.

If you want to use WhatsApp on PC, once you have installed on your Android, you can go to the web and use it from the browser to do so, follow the steps in this article: How to Use Web for Android WhatsApp.

The advantage of doing it this way is that every time you leave a new update of WhatsApp, a notification appears to us as a new version, although we get a lot later than the manual way.

WhatsApp installed manually (Android)

In the Android section of the official website of WhatsApp, they always offer the latest version of the popular app before reaching Google Play. Of course, prior to download, we must select the “Unknown sources” you’ll find within our Security Settings → smartphone (it may vary depending on the model) option. That will allow us to install apps you download us out of Google Play.

The extension is finished in .apk, click on it and install the WhatsApp file. What comes after that is common to the explanation about download Whatsapp automatically: No. introduce our mobile, receive SMS, put the verification code attached in the message if it does not automatically recognize WhatsApp and wait for the process to finish .
When you have already installed on your terminal WhatsApp

You already have it! WhatsApp has solved a lot of problems thanks to its free messaging. Significantly, the download of the app is free, but the service itself has a price. Specifically, we pay annually 0,89 cént, but often, the service WhatsApp renews itself freely. You will get a notification when this happens.

We hope this tutorial how to install WhatsApp has helped you and you have fond it useful!


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