WhatsApp as the main cause of… a lot of break ups!


The topics has been talked about, it has generated much controversy, and now, finally, suspicions are confirmed. A recent study of CyberPsychology and Behaviour Journal, argues that 28 million ruptures are already accounted thanks to the phenomenon of text applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook.
The technology that often plays in favor of couples in terms of communication has also its bad side on terms of jealousy or mistrust. It can break a lot of relationships and it, actually, have already done it.

These breaks would be caused by the known as “double check Syndrome.” When you send a message via WhatsApp and this reaches the server, a grey tick appears on the right side. When it arrives to the mobile phone o the person, it appears a second oe. This does not mean that the recipient has read it, as the company said last year. This created an anxiety state.
This factor must be added to the additional information of the App that shows us the “last connection was …” which shows if the user is online or, in other case, the last time that she or he was.
As demonstrated now by CyberPsychology and Behaviour Journal, this issue has generated numerous conflicts between couples, estimating more than 300 million active of users who have the platform in the world.
The study authors explain that applications like WhatsApp are “very favorable” in the first phase of relations, but eventually begin to reveal its negative effects, accompanied by the increase of jealousy and control.