Some of the most asqued questions about WhatsApp.


This Christmas we have seen how the use of WhatsApp is getting more and more widespread and it has led the internet to a broad base of population which until now had been left out of other applications like Twitter. Congratulating the holidays through WhatsApp or being in a group lets you stay in touch with relatives that you see once a year. In Spain, 64.8% of people use messaging apps and they are basically reduced to WhatsApp (the first choice for 96.4% of them), according to data of the CIS last September. In addition, 46.7% of them said they use it continuous +and 41.9% several times daily.

Its intuitive use has made WhatsApp easy to use for anyone from those who are aware of the latest applications to those who use the phone only for pictures and phone calls. WhatsApp conversations are like am endlessly chat. But do you know really use it? Here is a basic guide to control the app, very useful for newcomers.

Where do I begin?

First of all, download it. WhatsApp is an application and you must install it from the “store” in your phone. To use it is necessary to have a smartphone and an internet conexion. It has nothing to do with SMS which we had to pay 15 cents for each one. Because that is one of its great successes: the messages by WhatsApp are free. Yes, you have to pay for downloading the application: 0.78 euros for a year of use. Of course, the continued use of WhatsApp can make you consume your data to a faster rate.

What is it good for?

It may seem like a stupid question but WhatsApp is used for more things than to send a message and say “Hi! How are you?”. You can also send a photo you have saved or that you do at that moment. The same goes for the videos. And you can share the exact location where you are, which is sent as a map if you have activated geolocation. And you can send as a contact from your contact list. All this can be done with the arrow that appears next to the box to enter text (iPhone) or the clip to attach (Android).

The microphone icon lets you send messages recorded at the time when pressed voice and have no time limit. In addition, there are other applications that can share links or articles by WhatsApp. To do this, they have a little button with the green symbol of the app. If you’re reading this on your phone, for example, the share for WhatsApp will find below the headline.

How I can know if someone has read my messages?

Much has been double check blue, sneak WhatsApp that alerts you when someone has read your message. The check is that simbolito that appears next to the message (✓). Here’s the code: a gray check means that the message has been successfully submitted. Two gray checks mean that it has been received but not read. And two blue check mean has been received and read. Also, if you click on the message and then you click on info you will have the information about the hours when these three things have happened.

How I can silence the chats?

WhatsApp allows you to mute all individual or group messages if you go to Settings – Notificacions. Also, to prevent a message from appearing on the screen when you have the phone on the table so everyone can read it, you should disable the Preview option from this menu. If you want to silence a particular group, you can do it up to a year by clicking on the name of the group and activating the mute option.