7 facts you didn’t know about WhatsApp


WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app worldwide, but despite that, it certainly holds many secrets you do not know about, details that you you haven’t thought abbout and which can make you change the way you see the platform. Here there are, then Whatsapp curiosities that you might have overlooked.

1- Facebook could have save billions of dollars

Facebook spent 19,000 million dollars to clinch WhatsApp, one of the most important operations of the sector in the history, but the truth is we could have gotten the same for a lot less.

And its creators, Jan Koum and Brian Acton, knocked Facebook doors in 2007, when they left Yahoo in search of new opportunities; however, as the Zuckerberg’s company didn’t accept them, they decided to found their own company, WhatsApp, the February 24, 2009.

2- The name of WhatsApp

You may already sospechase something, but WhatsApp’s name comes from the English phrase “What’s up?” Which would be a “What? How are you? “. A huge amount of conversations are started every day like this , so it is appropriate to make a play on words with “app”, which was the buzzword in 2009.

3- WhatsApp has not spent a penny on marketing

Since the first version of the app was launched for iOS in November 2009, WhatsApp hasn’t spent absolutely nothing on promoting the app. They have simply left it on the users: they recommend it ones to others, taking advantage of the mouth to mouth because on the Internet it has more influence than ever.

4- Google was about buying WhatsApp

In 2014 it became clear that WhatsApp was well placed to be sold to the highest bidder, and it could have been Google. Although the Internet giant had already its own app, Hangouts, they were willing to open the wallet and drop about $10,000 million.

As it’s well known that finally was Facebook the one which took the upper hand, spending about 19,000 million. That figure is higher than the annual NASA budget (17,000 million), to get an idea of ​​the magnitude of the purchase.

5- WhatsApp does not make money with advertising or selling our data

Despite being sold to Facebook, WhatsApp remains more or less independent from the social network as Facebook Messenge is keeping competing against rthem

If WhatsApp doesn’t display advertising and either take advantage of our data, how do they make money? In a very traditional way: charging for the service. Initially the app was under payment only iOS, but when it came to Android a new system whereby the app is free the first year of use, after which we need to pay $1 per year (€ 0.89) was implemented.

6- WhatsApp, an addiction that has even been used as evidence in court

In case you have not noticed it: we use a lot of WhatsApp. It is estimated that 72% of users check the app at least once a day, and that the average user opens the app 23 times a day.

We are so accustomed to use Whatsapp for all that is even affecting the way we treat our loved ones (and not so dear ones too). In Italy Whatsapp chats have been used as evidence in 40% of cases of divorce, especially to prove adultery. Thus it has surpassed Facebook, which is also used to gather such information.

7 – Security has never been its strong point

Until the arrival of Telegram and other apps that have focused on security, WhatsApp have not bothered much in this aspect. This has bring them real problems, and in some cases the app has come to be removed from the apps stores because of it.